2021 Writers

LANEIKKA DENNE is a queer writer from Western Sydney. Her debut play Dead Skin was awarded the State Theatre Company / Flinders University Young Playwright’s Award and premiered at KXT in 2021, published by Australian Plays. She is a finalist in the Canberra Youth Emerging Theatre Commission for 2021. She was the recipient of the Q LAB award in 2020 and was selected for the Merrigong Playwright’s Program and KXT’s Step Up Associates Program in 2021. Her script Mitsuku was selected by ScreenJam Productions in the UK to be produced in 2022. Young queer women are at the heart of all her work, as she seeks to represent real women with agency and intrigue.

JAMES W. GOH lives on unceded Darug land. His writing has been published in diaCRITICS, Honi Soit and the Sydney Review of Books. He recently completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at the University of Sydney.  He was awarded a University Medal for his thesis which interrogates the illegibility of the Hoa, the ethnic Chinese in Vietnam, in national histories and collective memories of the U.S. war in and flight from Vietnam.

HARVEY LIU is a fiction writer living on Darug land in Sydney’s northwest. He has completed a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Sydney, and his work has previously appeared in Peril Magazine and Cicerone Journal. He is interested in the intersection of economics, migration, geography and identity, particularly in the context of the Greater Sydney region.

BRIANNA MCCARTHY is an Aboriginal emerging artist living on Darug land. She practises a variety of artforms such as writing, theatre-making, film-making, visual arts and teaching. In 2019 she wrote and directed her debut play A Game For Flies, which played at PYT Fairfield. She has worked with theatre organisations across Sydney including PYT, Q Theatre, ATYP, and Shopfront Arts Coop. This year Brianna is hunkering down into a number of writing projects which will come to audiences soon.

BENJAMIN D. MUIR is a reformed juvenile delinquent writing on and often about unceded Darug land. He is interested in the relationships between horror, trauma and historiography. He was the recipient of the 2019 AAWP/UWAP Chapter One Prize for his forthcoming novel, The McMillan Diaries. Presently, he is completing his doctorate in the Writing and Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University. You can find him at www.benjamindmuir.com

ANITH MUKHERJEE is an artist currently studying filmmaking at AFTRS. He received the 2020 Deborah Cass Prize for Writing, was a recipient of Writing NSW’s emerging writers mentorship program in 2020, and appears in Kill Your Darlings’ 2021 New Australian Fiction Anthology. He lives and works on First Nations Land.

LUCIA TƯNG VY NGUYN is a Vietnamese-Australian writer exploring the intersection of Southeast Asian folklore, ludic violence and global technoculture. She has been featured in publications including Kill Your Darlings and Runway Journal and was selected in 2021 for Writing NSW’s development program for emerging editors. She is invigorated by the opportunity to play and dream within, around, or even outside capitalist structures of ‘work’.

NATASHA PONTOH-SUPIT is a multi-disciplinary artist living on Gadigal Land, Sydney. Natasha works as an Actor, Producer, Production & Stage Manager, Director and Writer. Natasha made her theatre debut in ATYP’s Girls Like That (2017), written by Evan Placey and directed by Robert Jago. From there Natasha graduated at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM), Bachelor of Performance–Dramatic Arts (2021).

GRACE ROODENRYS is a writer from Campbelltown, South-Western Sydney. She is completing a Bachelor of Arts/Law at the University of Sydney with a major in English Literature. Her work explores time, memory, ecology, and ways of being in place in the Anthropocene. She writes non-fiction and poetry and considers herself new to both. She is currently living in Tempe.

KATRINA TRINH is a Chinese-Vietnamese Australian writer based on Gadigal land in Sydney. Her works have appeared in Vogue Australia, Vogue Living, Harper’s Bazaar and SBS Australia. She writes through a diasporic lens about things that move her to claim and power her narrative as well as the stories of diverse people.

GENEVA VALEK is an emerging writer studying a BA in Creative Writing and Sociology at Western Sydney University. An earlier draft of ‘The Rat’ placed third in the 2021 ZineWest Awards. She predominantly writes auto-fiction and is working on a cycle of short stories that seek to capture the beautiful and sublime refractions of everyday life.

D VRTARIC writes poetry on Darug Country. For Vrtaric, poetry is a means of weaving harmony out of chaos. Vrtaric’s work explores madness, love, grief, and lost futures.